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Mantis welcomes 131 on Herbert Baker to their abundant collection

MAY 12, 2015
Mantis welcomes 131 on Herbert Baker to their abundant collection

As Mantis strives to continue to offer regular travellers the most exceptional properties and authentic experiences imaginable, and now to add to its abundant collection the company is announcing a very exciting partnership with 131 on Herbert Baker.

Located on the hills of Groenkloof, Pretoria, 131 on Herbert Baker reflects the city’s spirit in a harmonious blend of chic and contemporary sophistication. The Hotel is situated close to the city centre near business, commercial and shopping districts, the Luxury boutique hotel overlooks the expansive city of Pretoria.

The hotel Comprises of 8 elegantly designed guest rooms and 1 presidential suite.    131 on Herbert Baker aims to establish a niche for itself serving guests who are looking for a unique and highly personalized hotel stay. The profile of a typical guest will be an individual looking for luxurious world-class hotel, the tranquility and comfort of five star standards, superior levels of service and cuisine and discreet attention to detail.

The Hotel will offer an elite, world-class experience to travellers looking to seamlessly integrate their stay with their business demands.

Contemporary, ultra luxurious stay awaits business men, foreign representatives and government embassies with the highest standard of accommodation, service as well as cuisine in Pretoria. 131 on Herbert Baker will adhere to all Five Star expectations, making your trip to Pretoria one of the best on offer in South Africa.

"To have the gem of Pretoria in our collection is very exciting, we're so pleased to have this very charming boutique hotel in our growing portfolio, we've certainly unearthed something exceptional here” commented Mantis' Group Marketing Director, Paul Gardiner.

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