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Masifunde Summer Camp Instills Democratic Values Among The Youth

By Supplied - Jan 19, 2015
Masifunde Summer Camp Instills Democratic Values Among The Youth

Each year, during the month of December, Masifunde organises a summer camp which is a reward for our learners who take part in more than 75% of all our “Learn4Life!” activities. These are educational and interactive life skills training programmes with weekly lessons, regular project work and study trips,   which cover topics such as cultural identity, business orientation, drug and alcohol abuse, environment, HIV/AIDS and peer pressure. The summer camp continues the work of “Learn4Life!” in a four day interactive seminar where the learners work on one topic intensively and subsequently prepare ways on how to share their learnings and results within their community.

Summer camp 2014 took place from the  4th to 8th  of December at Die Lapa Skietfontein near Somerset East. We used South Africa’s 20th anniversary of democracy to work with 120 learners on the importance of social equality and the values that come with a democratic society. Nelson Mandela was the theme throughout the four days. He was used as a role model and positive illustration to show learners how to instill and promote democratic values on a day to day basis and within positions of leadership.

Masifunde trains its learners to be changemakers, who are role models and multipliers of knowledge. During the course of this year, the learning outcomes from the summer camp will be shared with members of the community through meetings, workshops and informal learning.

The main achievement of our summer camp 2014 was the inclusion of ten children, from Ithemba Special Day Care Centre, in all our workshops and outdoor activities. Ithemba is a special daycare centre in Port Elizabeth, which provides educational and learning support to children who are mentally, and often physically disabled.  The outcome for every participant was the understanding of equal desires of both groups and a range of similarities despite the more obvious differences.


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