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Masualle says preparations made for circumcision season

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 14, 2018
Masualle says preparations made for circumcision season

Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle, on Tuesday encouraged men to consider medical circumcision as an alternative ahead of the of the December male circumcision.

Masualle was speaking to the media in Port Elizabeth, at the Eastern Cape Men's Parliament where he also said that the National Assembly is preparing for a meeting just like the one that was hosted in the Eastern Cape Province.

He said that the reason for the meeting is to discuss critical issues that men should play in society.

However, dates for the national meeting are yet to be announced.

Circumcision season preparations

Concerning the upcoming traditional circumcision season, when boys go to the bush to become men, Masualle said that they have started to make themselves ready.

"We have made ourselves ready by ensuring that where we have seen that there are deficiencies, we try to strangle those, particularly in the training of those, who look after the boys circumcision,” he described.

"Also, we really try to reach out in terms of those, who can exercise  the male circumcision and those, who can access the option of medical male circumcision, which is the safest.

“We are working to increase those medical circumcisions so that we can see our boys coming out healthy."

Challenges facing traditional male circumcision

Every year, scores of young men die in the provinces and across the country or have been permanently maimed while in the mountains for circumcision.

Unscrupulous and often unregistered circumcision schools that aim to exploit the tradition for financial gain have often been blamed for the deaths and the injuries.

Masualle said that he hoped discussions like these will be the start of greater social conversations.

"It might have just started or was initiated by the South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), in terms of programs and role of men in the society or the context of SANAQ, but it really has a third effect to start focusing on the role of men in a holistic fashion," he said.

"For me, that is the bigger vision that we do see what SANAC is actually initiating and it's something that we should harness and work to strengthen because society needs leadership.

"But it must be conscious leadership drawn from men and women, responsible and accountable as the leadership that can envision where we should be going…”

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