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Masualle urges local municipalities to bridge gap between leadership and people

By Yolanda Palezweni - Nov 1, 2016
Masualle urges local municipalities to bridge gap between leadership and people

Eastern Cape Premier, Phumulo Masualle, has urged local municipalities to go 'Back to Basics' in bridging the gap between local leadership and the people, by adopting the Masiphathisane outlook, during the two-day SALGA Eastern Cape Provincial Conference at the East London International Convention Centre in East London.

The conference aimed at inspiring Service Delivery - Building a sustainable, responsive and people centred Local Government System.

“We have to respond to the concerns of the community and how they are served the impression is not good at the moment. And in this conference I was imploring the leadership that we must put in place strategies that will make us close the gap between local leadership and the communities,” said Premier Masualle.

He added that, Operation Masiphathisane project closes that immediately and councillors to be present in their wards regularly and continuously and that is something that different government sphere will work on collaboratively to secure.

Operation Masiphathisane aims to solve the inconveniences of service delivery that the community is facing. It seeks to craft strategies to combine services and bring them to communities while strengthening proper communication between government and local communities to prevent more service delivery protests. 

The war rooms are set up to drive the Masiphathisane campaign of bringing together communities, stakeholders and government official  to improve service delivery and better relationship community and the government.

“There is more urgency to provide services tour people and it requires a leadership that is decisive and focused and most importantly a leadership that is able to come up with solutions to the benefit of our communities,” said Premier Masualle.

Councillor Nomakhosazana Meth said, in order for the government to remain relevant to the constituency, it must strengthen the democratic structures that gives people voice and ensure that a void and social distance do not develop between community leaders and the communities and the information sharing must be kept alive within all relevant stakeholders.

“Today we thank the premier’s initiative, Operation Masiphathisane; it will assist us in working hand-in-hand with our people and everything start at ward committee level, if we do not get our ducks in a row at that critical stage we run a risk of being not understood by the very same people who put their faith in us to represent them,” said Councillor Meth.

Speaking at the conference, Premier Masualle said, maturing the democracy has with it some responsibilities and implications to everyone, also the electorate is increasingly very demanding because they are aware of their rights.

“We are in a much better position as we come in during this term which I say will be presenting with many challenges and though we are not entirely, administratively we can say that a number of lessons have been learnt, lessons that should be able to give us a head start in that we ought to know by now,” said Premier Masualle.

He emphasised that, there should be stable council so that the councillors work together and serve the people and their needs.

“We expect councillors to work according to the law so that everything goes accordingly to avoid wars within councillors,” said Premier Masualle.

Fuming Eastern Cape House of Traditional Leaders (ECHTL) chairman Chief Ngangomhlaba Matanzima also emphasised on councillors working together in serving the people in the period they are given.

“We urge the councillors to work together because where there is no peace, there is no much work done,” said Chief Mathanzima