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Mayor Bobani opens new park in Motherwell, takes a dig at Athol Trollip

By Afikile Lugunya - Sep 13, 2018
Mayor Bobani opens new park in Motherwell, takes a dig at Athol Trollip

While the future of his Mayorship is still to be determined on Thursday, that did not stop Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Mongameli Bobani, from launching a gym facility and a kids playing park at Motherwell, in Port Elizabeth, on Wednesday afternoon.

Bobani, who was accompanied by new Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC of Public Health, Yolisa Pali, opened the park in celebration of Arbor Day and with a clear message to the residents on the importance of clean and healthy environment

Pali urged residents to stop dumping rubbish in front of schools and in front of people’s houses so as to reduce the risk of sicknesses breaking out in local communities.

She highlighted the importance of a clean environment as well as trees because "they give oxygen in the environment."

Speaking for the Department Of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Akhona Mtalana said that the department will plant trees in the park, which will play a huge role in fighting climate change especially in the city like Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, which is in a water crisis.

In his speech, Mayor Bobani said: "This is beautiful and we are proud of what has occurred in this area.

"Planting trees is a must for citizens of South Africa because trees are life."

He added that for one to live a healthy lifestyle, they don't need medicine only, but they also need a clean environment.

Bobani also urged the surrounding community to take care of the park.

"Let's stop this thing of ours of saying black people’s things don't work out, don't give satisfaction to people to say this is going to fail,” he said.

The Mayor also urged young men to stop using parks for smoking weed and other things, but use it as a place to relax.

He added that his doors are always open for anything they need from their councillors.

"This government is moving, you'll catch us moving and there's someone out there, who keeps saying that he is Mayor, making a fool of himself with placards saying that he is Mayor - we are moving.

"The money we have, we are using it to benefit you," he said.

Mayor Bobani and MMC Pali later planted the first tree in the park.

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