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Mayor Jordaan leads 'Taking back Nelson Mandela Bay' to communities

Jul 4, 2016
Mayor Jordaan leads 'Taking back Nelson Mandela Bay' to communities

In keeping to his commitment to the residents of communities riddled by crime, drugs and gansterism, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, accompanied by all sectors of local law enforcement, took to the communities throughout the Metro on Saturday, with a blitz campaign, spreading awareness amongst residents about the Mayor’s 'Taking back Nelson Mandela Bay' campaign.

Since taking to office in 2015, Mayor Jordaan had established a clear mandate to improve service delivery to the people, root out corruption within the administration, ensure economic growth, regenerate moral fabric within society and take back the communities from the clutches of crime and gansterism.

The main objective of the campaign was to display and showcase all local enforcement agencies and enablers, by means of a motorcade, led by the Mayor, comprising of: Safety & Security, Metro Police, Traffic & Licensing, Security Services, Fire & Emergency, SAPS, Ambulance Service, Cluster Boards and local Bikers clubs.

Before departing, the Mayor addressed those present, sharing words of thanks and encouragement for the support shown by those in attendance.

"Today, we are going to go the communities and reassure them that we are taking back the city, in all its components, financial, jobs, housing, health, education, crime and everything. We want to restore the city to be true to its name of Nelson Mandela. We must work together and build our city," Mayor Jordaan said.

“I would like to thank all of those who came here, particularly the bikers and the Community Police Forums, because crime in the city is everyone’s business. We all are touched by this problem. People must feel free in the city.”

Starting at City Hall, the motorcade, led by the Mayor, made its way to Njoli Square, Motherwell Shopping Centre, Kwanobuhle Shopping Centre, Cleary Park Shopping Centre and many others, where he interacted with residents and listened to their concerns about the challenges faced in their neighbourhood.

Law enforcement and all participants handed flyers out to the public about the campaign, reassuring residents that the Municipality does care about the safety and security of its residents by taking back the city.

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