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Mayor Jordaan pledges to ensure improved inclusion of Metro's disabled residents

DECEMBER 4, 2015
Mayor Jordaan pledges to ensure improved inclusion of Metro's disabled residents

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Danny Jordaan, on Thursday pledged to ensure that the municipality prioritises the inclusion of disabled residents of the Metro in all its programmes - even in the Council.

The Mayor, together with his Mayoral Committee members, spent the morning at Nkqubela School, formerly known as Luthando, in New Brighton, Port Elizabeth to observe the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is held on 03 December every year.

"Today, as a caring society, we declare and stand united, in total condemnantion of prejudice and discrimination of the disabled and pledge ourselves to focus on the removal of barriers to ensure equal participation and thereby change our environment exponentially to accommodate the diverse need of our disabled community in the Bay," Executive Mayor, Jordaan said. 

Borrowing from Madiba, whom the city is named after, he added; "We cannot claim to have reached anywhere near to where a society should be in terms of practical equality of the disabled.

"We continue to try. We realise that legislation and regulations are not sufficient or the end of the long walk to equality and non-discrimination."

He said that education, raising of awareness, conscientisation, eradication of stigmatisation are key elements in achieving non-discrimination against the disabled in practice and in their everyday lives.

"A democracy is an order of social equality and non-discrimination. Our compatriots who are disabled challenge us in a very special way to manifest in real life those values of democracy," he said.

" I want to see people with disability in Council."

The Executive Mayor, on behalf of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, handed over a R10 000 cheque, to assist with various needs in the school.