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Mayor recommends R50 000 for South End Museum to prevent imminent closure

DECEMBER 3, 2014
Mayor recommends R50 000 for South End Museum to prevent imminent closure

Mayor Ben Fihla has recommended that a once-off grant of R50 000 should be given to the South End Museum in the current financial year “to mitigate the imminent closure of the museum”. Fihla states that the R50 000 once-off rant will come from “Heritage Month savings”.

In a report to Council, which meets tomorrow, the Mayor also recommends that the Sport, Recreation, Arts and Cultural Services Directorate should explore possible areas of collaboration with the museum. The report notes that the Board of Trustees run and maintain the museum through fund raising.

He says they have “diligently generated funds for exhibition running costs and for programmes”.

Fihla points out that the South End Museum “has successfully conserved the history of South End, which was a multiracial and multicultural area that was disturbed by forced removals, through its exhibitions, documentaries and community participatory workshops and engagements”.

He says the museum “enhances both tourism and heritage” in the metro “and deserves to be nurtured and commended”.

The report suggests a number of possible areas of collaboration including in depth research during the next financial year on the Mfengu graves in Richmond Hill and a joint oral history on the Korsten veterans to complement the “Wall of Honour” recently done by the libraries.

Fihla says that forging partnerships with the metro on specific projects could benefit both the museum and the municipality immensely and “sustain South End Museum to a certain point”.

Another project mentioned by Fihla is an oral history of the Walmer community and “their resistance to forced removal”. In addition to fund raising, the museum relies on grant-in-aid from the metro which is R100 000 this year. - metrominutes