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Mayor says Mt Frere cannibal could've been on drugs, appeals for more police patrols

By Afikile Lugunya - Sep 11, 2017
Mayor says Mt Frere cannibal could've been on drugs, appeals for more police patrols

The Umzimvubu Local Municipality on Monday said that it learnt with great sadness of the ‘unfortunate act of cannibalism’ that occurred at KwaBhaca, formerly known as Mount Frere, over the weekend.

A man, believed to be around 23 years old, allegedly took a girl by force from the main street to his home near the Engen Garage, killed her and ate her flesh.

Umzimvubu Local Municipality Mayor, Bulelwa Mabengu, condemned the act and called upon the South African Police Service and the Justice system to strengthen their visibility in the area while also ensuring that the alleged perpetrator faces the full might of the law.

According to Mayor Mabengu, they visited the family of the deceased earlier on Monday.

“We have visited the family of the victim earlier today (Monday) and wish to plead with the media to provide the family enough space to deal with the matter,” she described.

The Umzimvubu Local Municipality is now in the process of facilitating an awareness campaign together with sector departments in the area.

“This is to ensure that all of our residents are much more vigilant and proactive towards such unfortunate incidents.”

Mabhengu said that she believes that the alleged perpetrator was under the influence of drugs.

She added that the municipality will discuss the matter with the family privately.

“I also believe that drugs and substance abuse was a major contributing factor and yearn to call upon law authorities to show a more proactive visibility in our area,” the Mayor described.

“The municipality will however be having more private consultation sessions with the family of the victim and the alleged to assist them in dealing with the ordeal.”