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Mayoral Imbizo and IDP public meeting held at Nangoza Jebe Hall

MARCH 4, 2016
Mayoral Imbizo and IDP public meeting held at Nangoza Jebe Hall

The second day of Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor Imbizo sessions at Nangoza Jebe Hall continued on Thursday with a lot of robust discussions between Executive Mayor, his Mayoral Committee and the people of New Brighton, Kwazakhele and the surrounding areas.

The Mayoral Committee was accompanied by Executive Directors of all the municipal directorates. The sessions started with presentations from all Executive Directors about their plans for the people of the areas that were invited to the meeting. It was then followed by an address by the Executive Mayor who gave political and strategic overview of the municipality and what it seeks to achieve for the area.

Speaking to about 1000 people who were listening attentively, Executive Mayor Jordaan said the Imbizo Sessions were very important to him as the Mayor and to his Mayoral Committee team.

“Yesterday we started in Uitenhage where communities expressed their dissatisfaction about an number of things, while also giving advice and constructive criticism. Today we are in Nangoza Jebe Hall, a hall in an area that is rich is the struggle against apartheid. We are here to listen, we are also here to act and make sure that your service deliver challenges are attended to,” said Executive Mayor.

He said Imbizo Sessions were not the last sessions that he visits New Brighton. “This will not be the last, we will be coming back here to account for the commitments we have made,” he said.

Although housing related matters were prominent in the issues that were raised by the community members, issues of library opening hours and the closure of Red Location Museum were raised sharply. Community members also expressed their dissatisfaction about the turnaround time in responding to service delivery issues like, street lights, fixing of potholes and water leaks.

The Executive Mayor instructed Executive Directors to follow up on all the issues that were raised and closely monitor progress on the issues. He also indicated that the issue of Red Location Museum was being addressed through community based leadership structures and the office of the Deputy Executive Mayor, Bicks Ndoni.