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Mbalula in twitter brawl

Mbalula in twitter brawl

Sports and Recreation Minister, Fikile Mbalula, has denied allegations of spending taxpayers money to attend yesterday’s much hyped boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas, describing them as “sickening”.

In a series of tweets, Beeld newspaper editor Adriaan Basson stated he wondered who had paid for the ticket, reportedly costing between R30 000 and R120 000, after the minister posted “Good morning Las Vegas, fight day, super day #FloydVSPacquiao” on Saturday morning.

Responding to Basson, Mbalula tweeted “Adrian, please note that in the new democratic dispensation a Black man can afford to go to America without using your tax @AdriaanBasson” to which Basson replied, [email protected] Don't you think the public should know who paid?”.

Mbalula retaliated by accusing of Basson of “cheap journalism based on stereotypical assumptions” and that he is entitled to go wherever he wants without having to provide and explanation.

“I'm SA employee, I clock to work and wait for month end. It's ignorant and stupid to assume evetime I blink it's your money @AdriaanBasson,” he said, before later posting “If You're a Black man in South Africa everything you do is assumed for be corrupt. That's wrong and crazy Yinde lendlela @AdriaanBasson” and “It's sad in the new South Africa there are still people like you still believe all blacks are corrupt and eat tax's money @AdriaanBasson”.

Although Basson didn’t respond to his later tweets, Mbalula told his near-on 186 000 followers that the comments were in bad faith and that it is unethical to assume that all black government officials were inherently corrupt.

“Honorable Tweeps, you're my employer. You elected me to work for you. I wait for month end like many. Not everything I do is with your tax.

“The only way I could b here in @AdriaanBasson eyes is if govt payed for me what an insult ,or somehow bankrolled (sic)”.


IMAGE sourced from www.youthvillage.co.za