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MBDA developing proposal for Nelson Mandela memorial at Motherwell

OCTOBER 24, 2014
MBDA developing proposal for Nelson Mandela memorial at Motherwell

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) is developing a proposal or business plan for the construction of the Nelson Mandela Memorial in the Motherwell Peace Park.

CEO Pierre Voges says in a report to the Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture Committee that the plan is being drafted at the request of Mayor Ben Fihla.

The report says the memorial is one of the Mayor’s strategic projects and will be similar to those of Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln in Washington DC.

The report adds that South Africa’s Ambassador to Washington Ebrahim Rasool has “expressed interest in assisting us in this regard”.

Voges says that the intention will be to raise money for the Motherwell Peace Park Memorial, for which a broad business plan has been developed.

At the same time, he explains, the opportunity will be used to raise funding for “a more prominently based Statue of Freedom for Port Elizabeth.

“Such a statue must be very visible from the road, sea and air and needs to be part of a bigger freedom precinct, such as Route 67 and the Donkin,” as well as other public amenities.

The Statue of Freedom, he adds, must be a “must see” facility. - metrominutes