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MBDA Handed Mandate To Revitalise Derelict Buildings

MBDA Handed Mandate To Revitalise Derelict Buildings

The Nelson Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) has been handed a mandate “to investigate and revitalise all derelict buildings” across the metro.

The proposal was endorsed at this morning’s Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture (EDTA) Committee meeting.

In terms of the committee’s resolution, the MBDA will be mandated to enter into negotiations with the owners of both public and private buildings “with the intention of taking them over in the form of a lease or purchase”.

In a report to the committee, EDTA Executive Director Anele Qaba recommends that together with City Manager Mpilo Mbambisa and CFPO Trevor Harper, he should investigate the funding model for the initiative and the approach for both the leasing/buying and the renovation of derelict buildings.

In his report, Qaba says that Nelson Mandela Bay is “characterised by a number of derelict buildings,” some of which have been abandoned for a considerable period of time and now are in ruins, adding that this is affecting “the look and image of the city” and has serious implications for tourism and investment.

He says that the state of some buildings paints a picture of the metro “as a ghost and abandoned city”.

Qaba points out that the MBDA is already playing a critical role in this regard saying that the work being done on the old Tramways Buildings is an example of this.

He says it is the view of the directorate that the MBDA should develop “a property division that will help deal with these buildings.

“The division’s work will involve negotiating with the relevant owners, buying the buildings and renovating them”.

Qaba says this should be done in collaboration with the municipality as some of the buildings can be used for social housing; some for economic purposes and others to provide space for the ad-ministration.

“This approach will help build and boost the image of the city as an investment and tourism destination and thus help grow the economy of the region,” and bring in much needed revenue as the buildings will eventually be used. - MetroMinutes.


Photo courtesy of www.vansa.co.za