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MBDA hosting public meeting on inner PE mobile parking meter plan

Jun 8, 2016
MBDA hosting public meeting on inner PE mobile parking meter plan

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA), an entity of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, invites the public to an Information Sharing Forum on Wednesday to discuss the planned implementation of the first Inner City Mobile Parking Meter Programme in designated areas of the inner City of Port Elizabeth.

Should the pilot phase succeed, the programme may be extended to other development nodes in the City.

“We have created space and a platform to discuss the plan with all stakeholders whether directly or indirectly affected. Through this process we hope to provide the public and businesses with the opportunity to give input and ideas that will strengthen the programme and make it beneficial to all,” says MBDA Manager for Operations, Mcebisi Ncalu.

Two public meetings have been set down as follows:

Inner City Business and Traders meeting

This is to address issues that affect business and trade in the demarcated zones. The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 8th June, 10am at the Athenaeum in Belmont Terrace.

Inner City Residents meeting

A second meeting to discuss issues with residents in the affected zones will be held on Thursday, 9th June, at 6pm. The venue for this residents meeting is The Granary in Stanley Street.

About the Inner City Mobile Parking Meter Programme

The intentions of the MBDA Inner City mobile parking meter programme are to ensure the following:

-          The efficient and effective use of parking bays;

-          Fair and equitable use of parking bays;

-          Maximise usage of parking bays;

-          Abolish monopoly of parking space;

-          Provision of convenient parking;

-          Provide the public with a safe & secure parking environment;

-          Job creation i.e. training and integration of the qualifying car guards into the system.

Benefits of the Inner City Mobile Parking Meter Programme include:

  • Visible foot patrolling and monitoring of the Designated Parking Bays will curb crime
  • Patrollers/Parking attendants  to act as guides to visitors (i.e. providing directions)
  • Programme provides another layer of quasi security to parked vehicles;
  • Monitoring and reporting of suspected criminal activities;
  • Will ensure a safer environment for the public to shop, work, park and visit

Pilot areas – Total 1329 Demarcated Parking Bays

  • Strand Street = 62 Parking Bays
  • Govan Mbeki Avenue = 58 Parking Bays
  • Chapel Street = 60
  • Whites/Western Roads = 118 Parking Bays
  • Donkin Street = 90 Parking Bays
  • Parliament Street = 134 Parking Bays
  • Clyde Street = 113 Parking Bays
  • Rink Street = 38 Parking Bays
  • Belmont Terrace = 82 Parking Bays
  • Robson Street = 32 Parking Bays
  • Rose Street = 65 Parking Bays
  • Bird Street = 209 Parking Bays
  • Havelock Street = 94 Parking Bays
  • Lawrence Street = 40 Parking Bays and
  • Stanley Street = 134 Parking Bays

Interested member s of the public, business and media wishing to attend can kind indicate so by emailing[email protected] or call the MBDA office at 041 811 8200.