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MBDA Takes Over Responsibility for Project Management and Maintenance

JANUARY 21, 2015
MBDA Takes Over Responsibility for Project Management and Maintenance

The Mandela Bay Development Agency (MBDA) has assumed responsibility for ensuring that completed projects are maintained.

The Agency’s Annual Report 2013/14 says despite the fact that maintenance-related activities are not its core mandate “increasingly, the MBDA has found it necessary to integrate its infrastructure development work with the maintenance of projects.

“Under ideal circumstances, the MBDA would hand over the operational management and maintenance of completed projects to the parent municipality.

“However, at the request of the Municipality—given its limited human and financial resources to take on this role due to a focus on basic service delivery— the MBDA has now assumed this role”.

The MBDA says that a result of this is an “increased operations portfolio within the MBDA,” which “represents both an opportunity and a challenge for the organisation”.

The Annual Report says that during 2013/14 the MBDA “built on operational work done to ensure the delivery of key maintenance, cleansing and security activities”.

The MBDA says it continues to support informal traders as “job-creating micro-enterprises” in the Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage CBDs.

“The allocated kiosks have proved invaluable to informal traders, creating a viable space from which to trade, while saving on storage and transport costs and also providing water, electrical points and waste disposal”.

The Agency says it continued to issue trading permits in 2013/14, an action that “maintains harmony between formal businesses and the informal traders in the two CBD areas”. - MetroMinutes.