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Mbete lashes out at “disloyal” members

By Charl Bosch - Apr 14, 2015
Mbete lashes out at “disloyal” members

National Assembly Speaker, Baleka Mbete, has alleged that some members of the ruling ANC are involved in a plot to unseat President Jacob Zuma before the completion of his second term.

Addressing members of the Limpopo Provincial Council in Polokwane on Sunday, Mbete accused certain members of being “selfish and disloyal”, saying that the same group, who planned on getting rid of Zuma before the party’s 2012 elective conference in Bloemfontein, had regrouped in preparation for the National General Council (NGC) meeting in October.

“There are people in Parliament who’ve allowed themselves to become part of a whole huge ‘Zuma must go’ agenda,” CityPress quoted her as saying.

“Where is the ANC when that is happening, because the ANC just elected Zuma a little over two years ago, and this starts immediately when we come back, so what the ANC has decided no longer matters.”

Mbete also stated that the faction had been in talks with opposition parties to oust Zuma and that in-fighting has become the norm in the party.

“You go to conference, you stand, you are defeated; it’s not a huge thing, so other comrades get elected, so you support [but] once they are defeated, it becomes a matter of war, it’s fought and it will be plotted against the team that is leading today,” she said, before admitting that winning votes in next year’s election would be tough unless the party rectifies its faults.

“If we look at the story over time, the support of the ANC is coming down. It’s declining, not because people don’t love the ANC. There are things perhaps we have done wrong, we have to acknowledge that, and admit and correct where we know,” she said.