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Mdantsane residents finally get their long-awaited RDP houses

Mdantsane residents finally get their long-awaited RDP houses

About 10 RDP houses were handed over to residents from Linge Informal Settlement in NU3, Mdantsane, on Tuesday as part of a Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCM) project to build 560 houses.

However, when it launched the project in 2012, the BCM had promised to deliver the houses by December 2014.

Even after missing its deadline by seven months, only 49 of the promised 560 houses are ready for occupation.

“This is an ongoing process. We have 49 houses ready for distribution during the course of this week,” said the local Ward Councillor, Zininzi Mtyingizane.

According to Mtyingizane, the residents have been living in shacks since the early 90s when they first moved to the informal settlement. In 2014, they were reportedly forcefully removed from their shacks at the settlement and told to rebuild elsewhere by the BCM.

Those who benefited from Tuesday’s handover were very grateful for the houses.

One of the recipients, Nocawa Dube said: “I feel so happy to be one of the people to finally receive a house after many years of living in a shack. My heart is at peace.”

Image courtesy: www.grocotts.co.za