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MDM announces launch of Collibra’s new data governance software to boost global business user adoption

By Supplied - Sep 3, 2014
MDM announces launch of Collibra’s new data governance software to boost global business user adoption

Master Data Management (MDM), the official distributor of Collibra in South Africa, has announced that Collibra has further optimised their award-wining platform and released the advanced platform version 4.3. The new version continues to build upon Collibra’s strength of empowering business users with more engaging visuals, a more simplified user interface, and a unique Automated Data Stewardship feature. Combined, these features also play a role in safeguarding highly-regulated industries such as healthcare, finance and insurance from some of their most challenging regulatory compliance risks, which have become a growing concern for large enterprises.

“As data governance continues to mature in South African, tools such as Collibra are becoming increasingly important within organisations. Traction for data governance tools is growing, and offering this solution to the South African market, ensures that MDM is providing their customers with essential tools to simplify and increase the success of data governance projects,” says Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management.

“For business data stewards to be successful, it has to drive two things: value and intelligence. And you get that by creating a system where all enterprise stakeholders – from marketing to finance – can contribute, exchange and collaborate around shared data. Our new version 4.3 is designed to empower even the most non-technical business data users so they can do their part to help drive smarter company decisions,” says Felix Van de Maele, Founder and CEO of Collibra. “It’s a practical yet powerful approach that is paying big dividends for our clients, and helps make Collibra the product of choice for some of the world’s largest international brands.”

Fully compatible with industry software from IBM, SAP, SAS, Trillium and Informatica, the Collibra Data Governance Centre is an out-of-the-box solution that blends in with surrounding tools and techniques. It can be easily configured to an organisation’s specific needs, and offers simplified search and permissions features to make information easy to find, use and digest.

“Regulatory compliance as it relates to data governance costs companies billions of dollars in penalties every year,” adds Benny Verhaeghe, VP Sales and Marketing for Collibra. “Our Automated Data Stewardship functionality mitigates those risks with a unique approach that promotes engagement at all levels, while also eliminating human subjectivity. It’s truly the best of both worlds.”

About Collibra

Collibra Corporation is the industry’s only global data governance provider founded to address data management from the business stakeholder perspective. Delivered through a cloud-based or on-premise solution, Collibra is the trusted data authority that provides data stewardship, data governance and data management for the enterprise business user. Combining entrepreneurial roots with software and artificial intelligence expertise, Collibra was recently named a Strong Leader in the Forrester Data Governance Wave. Founded in 2008, Collibra has locations in New York and Brussels, Belgium. For more information visit www.collibra.com.

About Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) combines education, consulting and technologies to provide complete data management solutions with a focus on Big Data, Data Governance and Compliance, Data Quality and Master Data Management. MDM leverages the international expertise of its vendors, including Harte Hanks Trillium Software, Collibra, Datameer and eLearningCurve.com to enhance our ten years local experience. MDM’s solutions have assisted clients in financial services, government, mining and telecommunications.


Photo Caption: Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management. Photo courtesy of www.itnewsafrica.com