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MEC Makupula hosts breakfast to discuss ECape education

By Afikile Lugunya - Mar 17, 2018
MEC Makupula hosts breakfast to discuss ECape education

Eastern Cape Department of Education MEC, Mandla Makupula, on Friday addressed captains of industries during a business breakfast held at the Pine Lodge, in Port Elizabeth.

The breakfast was part of a panel discussion of the Eastern Cape Education Development Trust (ECEDT) chaired by Theresa Moila.

Last year, the ECEDT formed a partnership with the office of the MEC to compile a database of partners, who may want to partner in education development in the province.

“The aim of doing that is to ensure that there is no duplication of efforts because sometimes officials go straight to investors to ask for donations and sometimes when we go to schools, we find out that there are about three companies that are investing in the same school,” Moila described.

She added that in the end, some schools get more resources while some schools become unrecognized – so they aim to get to channel most of the resources to where the need is greatest.

When a certain area has been identified, they then turn to stakeholders and ask, who wants to donate to the area.

Makupula said that the purpose of the trust is to sustain those kinds of relationship, for example, the building of schools and assistance in maths and Science development.

The stakeholders were given a chance to interact with the MEC.

Patrick Gedze, Relationship executive public sector from ABSA bank, said that the whole platform was great, but there are three pillars that must be used and combined to make this work.

“There must be a three pillars dialogue where society will be involved in terms of giving guidance so that kids can be able to answer the question of why they go to school besides saying that they just go to school because their parents have told them to,” he said.

“Let’s go back to the parents, let's engage with them and continue to keep the three legs active.”

He also made an example of men driving GTIs in the township with no qualification or education. They are praised and admired for being gangsters while the educated are unemployed and not recognized – hence, kids begin to see no reason for going to school.

Gedze emphasized the need to focus on getting back to the three pillars of education so that education finds its meaning.

Moila also emphasized on the spirit of Ubuntu and said that everyone needs to contribute because education is for everybody and there are no educational miracles.