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MEC Sihlwayi 'deliberately sabotaged' 16 Days of Activism event: ANC Eastern Cape

Nov 27, 2017
MEC Sihlwayi 'deliberately sabotaged' 16 Days of Activism event: ANC Eastern Cape

The African National Congress in the Eastern Cape on Monday said that it was not surprised when President Jacob Zuma did not attend the launch of the 16 days of Activism against Women and Child Abuse campaign in Port Elizabeth over the weekend.

President Zuma was expected to launch the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children campaign at the Nelson Mandela University, Missionvale Campus, in Port Elizabeth, on Saturday

Instead,he sent Minister in the Presidency responsible for Women and Children, Susan Shabangu, to represent him.

"The event was deliberately sabotaged by the MEC of Social Development, Ms Nancy Sihlwayi, who out of stubbornness and recklessness, decide against both the advice and decision of all authoritative bodies to remove the pre-planned event from Alfred Nzo to Nelson Mandela Metro only to satisfy her thirst to serve the functional political attitude," said ANC Eastern Cape Provincial Secretary, Lulama Ngcukayitobi.

"We know as a matter of fact that no President would in any straight mind had embraced an event, which was as disorganized as the one hosted on Saturday, 25 November 2017 whose principal aim was to distribute ANC functional T-Shirts.

"People of Eastern Cape and those of Nelson Mandela Bay are very alive to these political gimmicks and out of their violation rejects the abuse of state resources and abuse of political office by a member of the executive."

Ngcukayitobi further said that the "posture and high level of arrogance paraded by the MEC of Social Development cannot be tolerated anymore".

"We call upon her to inform the public why she changed the event which was supposed to be hosted in Alfred Nzo to Port Elizabeth?

"Why did she heed the call from both the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus and the ANC study groups?," he added.

"How much was budgeted and on what for the event?

"How much money was spent in such a failed programme and how is she going to reimburse the public purse to her misjudgement?

"The ANC would no longer support the abuse of the state resources in particular in the name of the poor and vulnerable government should be held accountable for every cent spent."