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MEC Somyo confirms fishfarm not coming to Algoa Bay

Oct 30, 2015
MEC Somyo confirms fishfarm not coming to Algoa Bay

There is not going to be a fish farm off Hobie Beach in Algoa Bay, the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Eastern Cape said on Thursday.

"Fears that a fish farm may be established at Hobie Beach in Algoa Bay can be put to rest once and for all," the DA's Ross Purdon, said in a statement. 

"In a reply to a speech I made last Friday (subs:  23 October) during Taking Legislature to the People in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Economic Affairs, Environment and Tourism MEC, Sakhumzi Somyo confirmed that there will be not fish farm for Algoa Bay. 23 10 2015 Economic speech Legistature to the People PE."

He said that the DA welcomes this confirmation, as the party has, together with business and residents, vigorously opposed this project due to its location off PE’s Hobie Beach and the risk it held for the local tourism industry.

"We also welcome the recent announcement by the Premier, Phumullo Masualle, that aquaculture is to be established in Zone 10 of the Coega IDZ.  The DA believes that we must create economic growth and jobs, but this must be done in a responsible and fair manner to make this province a place of rising opportunity for all," Purdon said.

"MEC Somyo confirmed in his speech that he and the Metro, had requested Minister Molewa to make a concise decision and ban fish farming in that area. 

"He stated that they had discussions with Minister Molewa and his department together with the metro and told her that no one can farm fish in close proximity to hotels. 23-10-2015 Transcript Somyo speech  23-10-2015 Translation Somyo speech."