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MEC Xasa needs to dissolve unlawful Elundini Municipality EXCO: DA

Apr 12, 2018
MEC Xasa needs to dissolve unlawful Elundini Municipality EXCO: DA

The Elundini Local Municipality unlawfully established an Executive Committee (EXCO) in a Council meeting on 23 August 2016 and has refused to overturn its decision following an instruction to do so by Eastern Cape MEC and Cooperate Governance and Traditional Affairs, Fikile Xasa.

"Five names were nominated from the African National Congress (ANC) in that Council meeting and one from the United Democratic Movement (UDM) by ANC councillors," said Lulamo Pili a Democratic Alliance (DA) Elundini Local Municipality PR Councillor.

"We strongly rejected this process along with other opposition parties but were unfortunately not awarded the opportunity to officially object. The EXCO needed to be proportionally represented and the ANC-run Municipality disregarded this long standing rule."

Pili added that on 26 October 2017, the Municipality was instructed to overturn its executive committee appointments by MEC Fikile Xasa.

"Executive Mayor Nonkongozelo Lengs was then advised by Municipal Manager Khayalethu Gashi to hold back on responding to MEC Xasa, as he believed that the MEC's letter was flawed in its interpretation of the provision of section 43 of the local government: Municipal structures Act (Act no 117 of 1998).

"This type of corruption in municipalities often goes unnoticed. MEC Xasa needs to follow through with his request to have the decision to appoint the Elundini Local Municipality EXCO reserved and have a new EXCO established as per the rules," he described.

"Furthermore; Mayor Lengs needs to answer to Council why she took the advice of MM Gashi instead of the request from the MEC. MM Gashi himself needs to be held accountable for defeating the ends of justice in order to further enrich his ANC colleagues.

"We will continue to fight against these dodgy EXCO appointments and demand that MEC Xasa holds both the Mayor and MM accountable for going against his recommendation."