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Medium to high chance of load-shedding today: Eskom

APRIL 25, 2015
Medium to high chance of load-shedding today: Eskom

Eskom warned in a tweet on Saturday morning that there is a medium to high chance of load shedding.

"The load shedding prognosis for today is medium to high and is dependent on the performance of the power plant," Eskom said.

In the past wek, new Acting CEO of Eskom, Brain Molefe, has said that the state-owned parastatal could eradicate load-shedding by the end of the year if an additional 3 000MW can be found.

He stated that current generating capacity stood at 43 000MW but that ongoing maintenance would result in a cut of 5 400 megawatts and the implementation of load-shedding.

Molefe however rebuked speculation that the Eskom was bankrupt after the utility received a R23 billion injection from government earlier this year, and despite being downgraded to “junk status” by Standard & Poor last month.

“From a cash position Eskom has got a substantial amount of facilities that have been negotiated but not drawn down,” he said, adding that that the lights have remained on 96% of the time.

“We will be engaging with rating agencies to find out what it is they would like to see for Eskom to be re-rated investment grade and we will do everything that they say we should do to bring it back.”