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MEDO ‘Treppie’ comes to Nelson Mandela Bay

Oct 20, 2014
MEDO ‘Treppie’ comes to Nelson Mandela Bay

The MEDO ‘Treppie’ – an adaptation of Entrepreneur – is hitting the road again.  The latest Treppie tour is taking place in Port Elizabeth and is sponsored Isuzu Trucks. The Treppie – essentially a mobile entrepreneur incubator – is a four tonne vehicle that has been equipped with 10 computers and internet connectivity and has a team at hand to assist entrepreneurs with advice and queries.

The trip to Port Elizabeth is taking place as this is where the Isuzu factory is located and is in partnership with the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.  The aim is to promote entrepreneurship and enterprising ideas in the communities close to the factory and in the wider Bay area.

“I believe that the partnerships between organisations such as MEDO, business and government are essential in paving the way forward for job creation in our country. We all need to show the will and work together towards a common goal – upliftment and business prosperity,” says Judi Sandrock, CEO, MEDO.  

This move to foster small business development and job creation in and around Port Elizabeth, sees MEDO running a week-long tour in search of exceptional individuals who aspire to take their small businesses to the next level. The organisers are inviting entrepreneurs to visit the mobile office to pitch their businesses. Successful applicants will receive a boost to their enterprise in the form of access to further training and the possibility to apply for the range of MEDO entrepreneurial programmes.

While the project’s main focus is the Motherwell area – and forms part of the Motherwell Urban Renewal Programme – the tour will benefit people across Port Elizabeth as all are welcome to visit for advice.

“The training and access to information will help drive the thinking of residents in a direction that will help them either establish or grow existing businesses and thereby create platforms of job creation and business development. As the municipality whose main interest is the development of our communities, when we saw the Treppie tour initiative in other areas of the country, we felt that it was a great way to bring development to our people ” said Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Mayor, Benson Fihla.

The Tour takes place as follows:

20 October: Motherwell Business Development Centre (MBDSC ) - Address - Corner Tyinirha & Nyara Road, Motherwell Shopping Complex ( Time: 9:00 - 16:00)

21 October: Motherwell NU30 Community Hall - Address - NU30 Hall, Ngedle Street Motherwell (09:00 - 16:00)

22 October: Motherwell NU9 Spar Super Market - Address - NU9 Carwash, Umnulu Road Motherwell (09:00 -16:00)

23 OctoberMorning: Councillors Office Ikamvelihle, 7 Mzangwa Street, Ikamvelihle Motherwell (09:00 - 12:00) Afternoon: Councillors Office Wells Estate, 42333 Vrolik Street, Wells Estate ( 12:30 - 16:00)

24 OctoberMotherwell Business Development Centre (MBDSC ) - Address - Corner Tyinirha & Nyara Road, Motherwell Shopping Complex ( 09:00 -16:00)

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