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Mentor slams Zuma’s comments in new post

By Charl Bosch - Mar 16, 2016
Mentor slams Zuma’s comments in new post

Former African National Congress (ANC) Portfolio Chairperson of Public Works, Vytjie Mentor, has hit back at remarks by The Presidency that President Jacob Zuma has no recollection of who she is.

In a statement on Tuesday, Presidency spokesperson Bongani Majola said Zuma would not comment on allegations made by Mentor on her Facebook page two days ago, that members of the controversial Gupta family offered her the position of Public Enterprises Minister six years ago, while the President was present in a different room of the family’s Saxondale home.

“President Jacob Zuma has no recollection of Ms Mentor. He is therefore unable to comment on any alleged incident in her career,” Majola said, before remarking in a follow-up statement earlier today, “the President is not aware of the alleged incidents in her career that she has reportedly written about on social media”.

Writing on Facebook earlier today, Mentor claimed she chaired the ANC’s parliamentary caucus while Zuma was still serving as Deputy President under Thabo Mbeki, and that he sat next and spoke to her during meetings and in Parliament.

“I sat with him in the ANC's Political Committee each month. He is the one [who] was sent by the Top 6 then to tell me that the ANC has [deployed me to be the Chair of Caucus then. He is the one who introduced me to the ANC Caucus then as a new Chair of Caucus,” Mentor wrote.

“I had a bi-[monthly meeting] with him in his Tuynhuis Offices. He knew me right from when he arrived from exile. He met me frequently on the ground in the Northern Cape on many occasions”.

Mentor added that she plans on releasing more information about the Guptas, saying, “If anything happens to me or my family, you all know who to suspect”. In an earlier entry, she claims to have been “raised on the truth, nothing but the truth”, and that she does not fear anything despite the criticism directed at her.

“I am standing where I am standing. I love South Africa too much. I am NOT raffled. The truth shall be victorious at the end. The truth always wins”, she said”.

ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa has meanwhile indicated that the party views the alleged claims in a serious light, as “it has the potential to erode and undermine the authority of the ANC”.

“Any persons or bodies purported to be "offering" Cabinet positions to members of the ANC or any other individuals do so in their own personal capacity with absolutely no authority to effect such offers,” he said.

“They do not carry nor represent the mandate of the African National Congress, which has been duly elected by our people to a position of trust to deliver on their aspirations. The organisation does not and shall not outsource this function to any members of the public, regardless on whose authority they may claim to be acting”.

He said the party would also discuss the matter at its upcoming National Executive Committee meeting.


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