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Metro appeals for patience as it clears waste backlog

By Afikile Lugunya - Jun 21, 2017
Metro appeals for patience as it clears waste backlog

Despite the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality announcing last week Thursday that a go slow by its refuse collection staff had ended after a deal was struck with the South African Municipal Workers' Union (SAMWU), there are still many piles of uncollected rubbish across the Bay.

Residents in areas like Motherwell say they are getting tired of sitting with their refuse. While some are burning their waste, some have resorted to dumping along streets and other places such as public parks. There are now complains about the uncollected rubbish causing smells in residentail areas.

One resident from Motherwell, who preferred not to be named, told RNEWS that they were getting fed up and if the situation continues, the community will be forced to take their rubbish and dump it in the CBD, which they claim is where the municipality has its priorities.

“The community has threatened to throw their rubbish in town because it's where the municipality has its focus - if we get sick because of this rubbish in the townships, nobody will care,” she said.

“If this week passes without any action, we will show them who we are.”

However, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has appealed for patience. The Metro's Communications and Media Management Officer, Mthubanzi Mniki, told RNEWS that all areas will be cleared of the rubbish and residents must bear with them as they try to cover weeks of missed collections.

“After the go slow that we had, we were stuck with so much work that led to us being unable to cover all the areas in such little time,” Mniki described.

“All those that are panicking can go to the nearest rubbish bin places to load off their rubbish. We will cover all the places the community must just bear with us a bit, we are coming.”