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Metro establishes Housing Task Team to spearhead Operation Buyisa Isidima

Jul 24, 2017
Metro establishes Housing Task Team to spearhead Operation Buyisa Isidima

A ground-breaking Housing Task Team has been established by the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

"Operation Buyisa Isidima, which will be rolled out through this task team, is about building a caring city that ensures and protects the dignity of our people," described Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, Athol Trollip.

"The newly launched task team has been instructed to ensure an 8 month turnaround time, from when ground is first broken at a housing project to when the rightful home owners receive their verified title deeds."

Trollip said that, historically, this process has taken years, if at all.

"Those days of poor governance and inept management are over. This new coalition government is committed to restoring the dignity of our people.

"So bad was the maladministration in previous years that often no erven would be demarcated or registered for completed housing projects. The entire piece of land would instead remain the property of the Municipality, preventing additional municipal income from rates, depriving beneficiaries of crucial, legal home ownership, and allowing corrupt officials to illegally sell the land," he added.

"But there is a new government in the Bay. Change is here.

"Operation Buyisa Isidima, through this task team, will also focus on preparing an audited and verified list of existing beneficiaries, identifying those who still require title deeds. Estimates indicate that this number could be well over 10 000, all of which this government will audit and hand out to the rightful owners before the end of 2017."

Trollip said that as a crucial spin-off, this operation will also identify instances of illegal occupation, adding that each case will then be dealt with in the most appropriate and efficient manner so as to return the home to its rightful owner.

"As a pioneering intervention by the Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Cllr Nqaba Bhanga, and his senior management, Operation Buyisa Isidima is a remarkable initiative that is about restoring and nurturing the dignity of our residents.

"This is the final push to dramatically improve and verify delivery, registration and ownership of state-subsidised housing," the Mayor said.

"The task team is made up of deeds office staff, land surveyors, town planners, housing delivery officials and a municipal conveyancer.

"It is an honour and a privilege to work with this team of dedicated leaders in Human Settlements. While there is an immense amount of work that lies ahead of us, I am confident that our vision for a well run and caring city will be realised."