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Metro Facing Major Challenges with ATTP Verification Process

NOVEMBER 17, 2014
Metro Facing Major Challenges with ATTP Verification Process

The metro had 85 792 registered Assistance-to-the-Poor (ATTP) accounts at the end of September this year, according to a report to be submitted to the Budget and Treasury Committee on Wednesday.

The report points out that in terms of the current ATTP Policy, people who have qualified for ATTP need to under-go a verification process once a year.

This is “to determine if they still qualify to receive the ATTP benefit”.

It says that at the beginning of January this year there were 84 642 registered ATTP accounts, which had increased to 85 792 by the end of September.

Of the 84 642, some 34 018 remained unverified at the end of September, which means that 50 624 accounts of 59.80% of the database were verified in nine months.

The report says the performance of the verification section is limited by the fact that there are only 15 vehicles available to carry out verifications of, not only new applications, but also those on the existing database.

Further, there are only two supervisors and one section head who are allowed to approve all applications and amendments.

The report says it is clear the sections cannot deal with the current work load.

It proposes that the current ATTP Policy structure be reviewed to see whether the number of verifications annually cannot be reduced. - MetroMinutes.