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Metro hoping to resolve refuse collection strike soon, contingent plan in place

MAY 29, 2017
Metro hoping to resolve refuse collection strike soon, contingent plan in place

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has roped in local service providers to help it with refuse collection after an apparent labour-related dispute saw normal refuse collection interrupted last week.

"This interruption has led to the refuse collections schedule to be delayed by one to two days. The municipality is currently working tirelessly to bring the situation back to normal," the Metro said.

"While attempts to resolve the challenges continue, the Municipality has put in place contingency plans to limit the impact of the interruption.

"Residents whose refuse has not been collected at the expected time, are kindly requested to take their refuse out during the day. If the refuse truck fails to arrive, a request is again made for the refuse to be taken back inside. This is done to avoid the refuse being scattered by stray dogs."

The municipality sai that those residents that can take their refuse to the nearest transfer stations are humbly requested to do so as this will assist in decreasing the backlog that currently exists.

"Currently the municipality is not in a position to share the details of the contingency plan as doing so will compromise the plan and put lives of those involved at risk.

"Residents are advised to contact their Ward Councillor offices for more details about a Ward based contingency plan. The Municipality would like to thank the residents for their understanding and tolerance during this difficult period," the Metro said.

"The Municipality remains resolute and confident to deliver on its promise of cleaning Nelson Mandela Bay through the waronwaste programme that was launched by the Executive Mayor, Councillor Athol Trollip a few months ago.

"Regular updates will be given to residents. Again, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this unexpected interruption."