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Metro planning to train 2 476 staff in current financial year

Metro planning to train 2 476 staff in current financial year

Nelson Mandela Bay directorates are planning to train 2 476 members of staff in the current financial year, according to a report to be submitted to the Human Resources and Corporate Administration Committee.

In the last financial year, a total of 898 employees attended training, of whom 186 were from Budget and Treasury, 126 from Safety and Security and 103 from Electricity and Energy.

The report shows that in terms of the planned training, Public Health intends to train 880 staff; Infrastructure and Engineering 598; Safety and Security 530; Electricity and Energy 501; Budget and Treasury 384 and Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture 263.

At the other end of the scale, The Office of the Chief Operating Officer intends to train 21 people as does Economic Development, Tourism and Agriculture.

The report points out that less than 50% of planned training plans were submitted which will impact negatively on the training grant.

The directorate stresses that the Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) will not fund all the programmes that include 10 applications for training in internal auditing.

Applications to the Safety and Security Directorate include training for the metro policer, fire fighting and peace officer training.

Public Health applications include training in the fields of environmental health; primary health care and com-munity health work. - metrominutes


CAPTION:Port Elizabeth town hall. IMAGE sourced from www.panoramio.com