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Metro Police apprehend suspects and recover stolen firearm

Jul 10, 2018
Metro Police apprehend suspects and recover stolen firearm

Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Police Chief, Yolande Faro, commended the vigilance of three Metro Police officers after they recovered a stolen .38 Special revolver and arrested three suspects during an early morning pursuit in Central, Port Elizabeth, on Tuesday morning.

The serial number of the weapon confirmed that it was stolen during a housebreaking in April this year in Walmer.

“While on patrol three of our officers spotted a suspicious vehicle at approximately 01:30 this morning in Rink Street, Central.

“The driver of the vehicle refused to stop when instructed to do so and three of our officers in a patrol car pursued the vehicle.

“They saw an object being thrown out of the vehicle and one of the officers quickly got out of the patrol car to check what it was while the other two officials continued the pursuit.

“They managed to outsmart the driver of the suspect vehicle and forced him to stop in Park Drive in Central.

“The driver and two passengers were all arrested and the official managed to locate a firearm and three spent cartridges on the sidewalk.

“The three were taken to the Humewood Police Station and charged for being in possession of a stolen firearm and the three empty cartridges.

“More charges may follow as the investigation by the South African Police Services continues.

“The Metro Police officers deserve to be commended for their vigilance and a job well done. One firearm less on our streets to commit crime is in itself a small victory for law enforcement,” Chief Faro said.