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Metro Police officer busted while allegedly moonlighting as a thief

Oct 9, 2017
Metro Police officer busted while allegedly moonlighting as a thief

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Metro Police Chief, Yolanda Faro, on Sunday took steps to suspend a Metro Police Officer, pending an internal investigation, following the arrest of the officer during the early hours of Sunday morning for alleged involvement in an attempted theft out of a motor vehicle.

"We see this matter in a very serious light as we will never condone criminal activities that bring our Metropolitan Police Force and ultimately the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality into disrepute.

"I already informed Human Resources that an immediate suspension is required pending the outcome of our investigation.

"We were informed that at approximately 2am this morning, the Uitenhage South African Police Services received a complaint of attempted theft out of a motor vehicle.

"While the police were on patrol, they noticed a white Polo with three occupants that corresponded with an eyewitness description of the suspect vehicle and stopped it.

"A search of the vehicle resulted in the discovery of implements that could be used to break into vehicles and they were arrested. The driver of the vehicle was identified as a Metro Police Officer.

Acting Executive Director for Safety and Security, Shane Brown, said there is no hesitation on the part of the municipality to act against corruption or lawlessness especially if it emanates amongst our own ranks.

"It is unfortunate that a very successful security force up to this point, had this setback, but it is even more important that we act without hesitation.

"We would like the public to report any instances of corruption or criminality to us and it will be investigated,” Brown said.

Member of the Mayoral Committee for Safety and Security, John Best, applauded the action of the Metro Police Chief and said Faro continues to show exemplary leadership.