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Metro says days of sick leave abuse to come to an end

Mar 6, 2018
Metro says days of sick leave abuse to come to an end

Sick leave abuse will soon be a thing of the past in the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

This follows a worrying observation by the Municipality's Corporate Services Directorate that Mondays, Fridays and paydays tend to dominate the sick leave pattern.

This observation has led to the establishment of a Sick Leave Analysis process by the Corporate Services Payroll Section.

Speaking at the Corporate Services Standing Committee meeting held on Tuesday, Corporate Services Executive Director, Vuyo Zitumane, said that at face value the sick leave pattern indicates a worrying trend.

"As we seek to improve systems and bring about a Well Run City, we picked up this worrying trend. We have noticed that there are employees who are always sick either on Mondays, Fridays or on or after paydays. Although sick leave is an employment right, the system as it stands may be vulnerable to abuse.

"We will be embarking on a Sick Leave Analysis process. This process will give a clear picture of whether there are serious trends indicative of sick leave abuse," said Zitumane.

Zitumane added that once the process has been finished, samples will be taken, investigations will be done, and decisive action taken.

"Employees found to be guilty of this abuse will be held accountable for their actions. The Municipality cannot continue paying employees who frequently stay at home under false pretense. This cannot be allowed going forward any longer," added Zitumane.