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Metro takes 'no-nonsense' approach to stray animals problem

OCTOBER 19, 2015
Metro takes 'no-nonsense' approach to stray animals problem

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Monday said that it was taking a hard stance in tackling the issue of stray animals around the Metro as "the increase in the number of stray animals wandering on our roads" was concerning.

"...the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has resolved to tackle the problem head-on, starting with the strict enforcement of the existing municipal by-law regarding stray animals," the municipality's communications office said in a statement.

"This no-nonsense approach to return to the rule of law and focus on bylaw enforcement is intended to establish an orderly and safe City, as envisaged in terms of the Take Back the City Campaign recently initiated by the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay, Cllr Danny Jordaan, in partnership with local law enforcement agencies."

The municipality said while plans to address the problem of stray animals on our roads over the long-term are being considered, it was clear that urgent intervention was necessary.

"In this regard, seven staff members from other departments in the Public Health Directorate of the Municipality have now been deployed to the NMBM Animal Control Unit to assist the current staff complement dealing with the problem of stray animals.

"The Municipality’s Traffic Department has also been placed on alert and will assist the Animal Control Unit in ensuring the safety of road users during incidents of road invasion by roaming animals," read the statement.

"The Municipality recently introduced an awareness campaign amongst livestock owners to drive home the fact that allowing their animals to stray unto our roads is a bylaw transgression, apart from the fact that it poses a major threat to the safety of road users. While their cooperation is being sought, the relevant bylaw will be strictly applied and stray animals will be impounded."

It said that impounded livestock will be taken to a pound in Uitenhage where the owner/s are expected to claim their livestock and pay a fine.

"They will also be responsible to transport their livestock back to their homes or farms. The livestock is charged per day and per quantity of feed consumed while at the pound. These fines can go as far as thousands of rands.

"Failure by livestock owners to claim and pay a fine for their impounded livestock will result in their livestock being auctioned to recover the cost that has been incurred to keep them at the pound," the municipality said.

"The Municipality believes that these measures will serve to see a reduction in the incidence of stray animals on our roads, but urges local road users to remain extremely vigilant and be on the look-out for stray animals, especially while driving at night."

Please find the following numbers that can assist in relation to Stray Animal and related matters:

  • Stray livestock Control: NMBM (Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality)- Mr Zama – 079 490 0540 (24 hours)
  • Responsible for the pound and stray animals – Mr Hein Whitebooi: NMBM – Tel: 041 994 1296/ 079 685 6867, e-mail: ZSmith@mandelametro.gov.za
  • Sub Directorate: Waste Management (removes dead cats and dogs from roads) – Waste Management Secretary: Ms Claudia Muniz 041 506 7405
  • SPCA-Uitenhage: (All stray animals impounded) – 041 922 4528
  • Registrar of Animal Identification: (Enquiries on registered brands) – 012 319 7433
  • Nature Conservation: Compliance and Enforcement: (Cycads/Poaching, etc.) – Mr Jan Kapp 041 508 5821 / 082 332 0293

Image: NOW TARGETED...Stray animals are often seen on Eastern Cape roads and pose a danger to motorists.