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Metro trying to silence 'unhappiness and dissent' within traffic cops: DA

MAY 27, 2016
Metro trying to silence 'unhappiness and dissent' within traffic cops: DA

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Nelson Mandela Bay claims that the Metro is trying to thwart and silence "voices of unhappiness and dissent" within the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro traffic and safety cop ranks after officers, who protested at the launch of the Metro police force two Fridays ago were hauled before a disciplinary hearing on Thursday.

The party says it is in possession of a memorandum from Acting NMB City Manager Vuyo Zitumane, which lists over 25 Metro officials, who are in line "to be hauled over the coals today for showing up Jordaan’s farcical 'Metro Police' Launch".

Metro Police Action Memo

"Having bungled the launch of NMB’s Metro Police, clearly rushing it through unprepared, Mayor Jordaan is now trying to silence those speaking out against the irregularities and illegalities he committed," said DA Eastern Cape leader and its NMB Mayoral candidate, Athol Trollip.

"Their alleged 'offence': Criticizing Mayor Jordaan’s bungled Metro Police process, rejecting Jordaan’s willingness to overlook unqualified and criminal credentials for metro police officers and his failure to consult with them on the establishment of a metro police service.

"These persecuted officials’ fate now rests in the hands of Jordaan’s criminal pal, Linda Mti, who himself is under a massive cloud of fraud and corruption allegations."

Watch traffic cops protest at the launch of the Metro police:

Trollip says it is a classic ploy of a desperate and failing leader to clamp down on those, who speak against him, and who dissent.

"Only the most autocratic governments clamp down on free speech and legitimate unhappiness, as Jordaan is now doing.

"After rushing to put metro police officers on our streets, having dragged their feet for over 7 years, The ANC and Mayor Jordaan now face internal revolt, while our communities remain desperately unsafe," he says.

"In appointing 'Metro Police Officers', Jordaan seems willing to break the law and appoint officers who do not meet minimum education and basic training requirements, and who have criminal records.

"Just like Danny Jordaan appointed his criminal pal and alleged fraudster Linda Mti to head up safety and security in the Metro, he seems determined to appoint untrained officers who have criminal records to serve in the metro police, and to silence those who justifiably reject this unlawful debacle."

Trollip said residents are under "increasing attack from gangsterism and crime" and what is needed are well-equipped metro police headquarters, comprehensive combat, defence and firearm training, proper vehicle and equipment procurement and branding, and the hiring and screening of additional personnel, after thorough consultation with all stakeholders.