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Mhlonto Local Municipality dismisses Mkhuseli Mathe

Oct 28, 2014

The Mhlonto Local Municipality said that its council had finally resolved an issue concerning a local ANC councillor Mkhuseli Mathe who was the councillor for that municipality’s Ward 21.

“The Mhlontlo council which is convened by the Honourable Speaker Councillor Nkompela resolved on the 28th October in a special council meeting to relieve Mathe of his duties as a councillor in the Mhlontlo council due to his continuous non-attendance and non-response to council which was in breach of the stand rules and orders,” the municipality said in the statement.

“The decision to relieve Mathe was well within the prescripts of the law and had been processed through all required process.”

Mathe had failed to attend 20 consecutive council and standing committee meetings without permission from the Mhlonto Municipality council or its speaker and could not provide reasons for his absence.

The decision to dismiss Mathe however could have come late as according to the Municipal Systems Act, a councillor who failed to attend three or more consecutive (council) meetings or committee meetings must be removed from office.

Mathe was had been removed as the local municipality’s representative in the OR Tambo district municipality in September.


Following his dismissal, residents from his former Ward marched to the Mhlontlo municipality offices where violence later broke out.

According to the Daily Dispatch, the protesters burned herbs while others prayed over the muti calling on their gods to help them kick out the mayor Mandisa Giyose, speaker Xolile Nkompela and chief whip Margaret Mvanyeshe. Some of the marchers threw chairs and stones at the mayor, speaker and chief whip.

“This saga has been plagued with violent demonstration and physical attacks on the political leadership namely the Honourable Mayor Councillor Giyose, the honourable Speaker Councillor Nkompela and the Honourable Chief Whip Councillor Mvanyashe who have endured continuous insults from misled community members of ward 21 who innocently acted out of frustration,” the municipality said in its statement.

Dismissal responsibly instituted

"This decision was responsibly instituted as the well-being of ward 21 had to be carefully considered in terms of out puts of services to be delivered to that ward, the council of the Mhlontlo Local Municipality wish Mr Mathe well in his future endeavours and thank him for his contribution to service delivery to the community of ward 21,” said the Honourable Speaker councillor Nkompela.