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Michael Kliment’s family and supporters march again as Slovakian govt refuses to budge

Michael Kliment’s family and supporters march again as Slovakian govt refuses to budge

Another march was held on Sunday under the banner of the The Bring Back Mija campaign in support of efforts to bring Port Elizabeth father, Michael Kliment, and his daughter, Mija, back to the Bay from Slovakia – where Michael landed in legal trouble after snatching Mija outside her school there.

The supporters gathered at The Hunters Retreat Hotel in the afternoon for a march down Cape Road, Port Elizabeth. They then walked, while accompanied by bikers and a Volkswagen minibus, down the road until they reached the Sasol garage, then turned back.

The march was not without problems though as rain had made some supporters to turn back early and the cold weather was harsh. But the march carried on with around 50 people walking in solidarity and gaining support from motorists as they passed by.

So far...

Michael and Mija made headlines when Michael snatched his daughter Mija outside her school in Slovakia, landing himself in a legal battle with the Slovakian Government and Interpol.

Mija had been taken from South Africa to Slovakia by her mother, Janka, in 2012 and never returned. According to the South African government, Michael had received full custody of his daughter from his divorce with Janka.

Janka later passed away from a brain tumour, and her parents then took over guardianship of Mija, which should have legally gone to her father Michae,l who had not been informed of Janka’s passing at the time.

Desperate to get his daughter back, Michael flew to Slovakia and waited outside Mija’s school where he technically "kidnapped" her and took her to his hotel.

A huge legal battle has now ensued over, who should have the right to custody over Mija.

The Slovakian government is currently fighting Michael, who is trying to obtain an emergency passport for his daughter so that she can return to South Africa with him.

Michael’s family and his supporters were hoping that he and Mija would have returned to South Africa by now, but the Slovakian government is still refusing to allow Michael to leave with Mija.

The Bring Back Mija campaign will continue to schedule more marches and bring in more supporters until Michael and Mija have been safely returned to South Africa.

More information about future marches will be placed on their Facebook page.