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Michael Kliment’s family and supporters stage solidarity march in Port Elizabeth

Michael Kliment’s family and supporters stage solidarity march in Port Elizabeth

A group of local residents gathered and marched down Cape Road, in Port Elizabeth, on Monday evening in solidarity with PE father, Michael Kliment, who has made headlines for dodging arrest in Slovakia after snatching his daughter, Mija, outside her school there.

The group, which marched from around 18:30 - starting at the Hunters Retreat Hotel, to around 20:00 – when they turned back at the Linton Grange Spar, also prayed for the safe return of the Michael and Mija to Port Elizabeth.

Among the group, were Michael Kliment’s family and members of his karate dojo as well as other locals, who believe the government should do everything in their power to bring Michael and Mija home safely.

Supporters held up signs and encouraged motorists to hoot and rev their engines in support of the ‘Bring back Mija campaign’.

Paul Kliment, Michael’s father, told RNews that if all goes well they hope to bring the two back by the end of the week.

“The lawyers in Slovakia and the lawyers in the Czech Republic are also working on this. I don’t know what is going to happen, everything is under control, or supposed to be. I called today and they said that they [Michael and Mija] should be sorted out for the end of the week. But you never know,” Paul said.

There has been a lot of controversy over the matter as Mija was technically kidnapped from outside her school in Slovakia by her father. Many have said that she should be returned to her Slovakian grandparents, but many also feel Michael and Mija should be allowed to live together.

“He has custody of her in South Africa, she is a South African citizen, and he’s a South African citizen. They love each other very much, Mija loves Michael to pieces, and she’s crazy about him. She talks a lot about how the people are treating her and how they’re brainwashing her, it’s quite shocking,” described Paul.

The organiser of the march was Shaun Kapp, who is a fellow sensei at the Dragon Suburbs dojo, where Kliment teaches karate.  Members of the dojo were also in support of Michael and are trying to do as much as they can to aid in their return.

Another rally is scheduled to take place sometime this week but has yet to be confirmed. For updates on the Bring Back Mija campaign and information about future rallies you can visit their page on Facebook.