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Micoffee is my kind of coffee

By Graeme Lund - Nov 12, 2018
Micoffee is my kind of coffee

I love coffee but only drink three cups a day. I like those cups to be strong and I savour each one. Micoffee is where I go to get my fix.

This amazing coffee shop has grown in popularity since Mike Chizeya opened his first shop in Main Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth. Mike now has two outlets. Hurd Street in Newton Park opened shortly after Walmer.

Micoffee is all about coffee

Despite the name, many coffee shops focus on their food menu first with coffee being an added attraction. The coffee sold in these outlets is all too often a mass prepared brand.

Micoffee is all about coffee and any tasty morsel found at the counter is just a bonus. Mike has carefully chosen his coffee. It is rich, strong and full on the mouth.

Mike says, “Our coffee explodes in your mouth in a way that reminds me of the beautiful Victoria Falls".

As a bit of a coffee snob I like espressos, cappuccinos and Americanos but Mike also serves a delicious Ice Coffee. For those who are looking for something more aromatic and less traditional, you will find Honey and Nut, Gingerbread and Vanilla and Cinnamon lattes on the menu too.

The happy team

Micoffee’s success is not entirely due to the wonderful coffee but also to Mike’s happy and pleasant demeanour.

This attitude has carried through to his team and I have always been greeted with big smiles and happy conversation when placing my order.

“Micoffee is a family affair and a community orientated business,” says Mike.

Mobile Kiosk and Training

Micoffee is also has a mobile kiosk and I am always on the lookout for them at sporting events and functions. Lookout for the yellow van!

If you want to know how to prepare coffee just like Mike and his team, then put your name down for one of their barista courses.

Like Micoffee on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter. Check Micoffee on YouTube. For more information contact Mike on 071 779 1046 or email mike@micoffee.co.za

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