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Minister goes 500 days without attending Portfolio sitting

By Charl Bosch - Sep 9, 2015
Minister goes 500 days without attending Portfolio sitting

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has lashed out at Labour Minister, Mildred Oliphant, for reportedly failing to appear at a single sitting of Parliament’s Portfolio Committee since the unveiling of the fifth government in May last year.

In a statement, party Shadow Minister for Labour, Ian Ollis, said a motion would be submitted to President Jacob Zuma to have Oliphant fired for not turning up to any committee briefing in the first 500 days of Parliament.

“Since her appointment [as minister] in 2010, Minister Oliphant has not once appeared before Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Labour. Every attempt made by the DA to get her to appear before Committee has been blocked by the ANC,” Ollis said.

“Rule 201 of the National Assembly Rules states that a parliamentary portfolio committee must maintain oversight of the exercise of national executive authority falling within its portfolio. [Yet]  Minister Oliphant simply does not follow the law and outright refuses to account to Parliament”.

He also stated that Oliphant has on numerous occasions failed to provide feedback on Parliamentary questions, but added that the lack of comment could be the result of her department’s “disastrous” performance.

“In the five years she has been at the helm, South Africa has experienced an increase in unemployment and retrenchments, an increase in labour unrest and strike related violence and a rapidly degenerating Compensation Fund that fails injured workers,” Ollis said.

“While her department’s vision is to “strive for a labour market which is conducive to investment, economic growth, employment creation and decent work”, under Minister Oliphant’s torturous reign the attainment of this vision has failed dismally. President Zuma must recognise that his decision to re-appoint Oliphant was not a prudent one, and rectify this by relieving her of her duties with immediate effect”.


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