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Minister lauds Nedlac

Minister lauds Nedlac

Labour Minister Mildred Oliphant has come out in the support of the National Economic Development and Labour Council (Nedlac), stating that since its establishment in 1995, progress on eradicating unemployment, poverty and inequality has moved along swiftly despite the challenges that faced it.

Speaking at the launch of a Labour Relations Indaba at Emperors Palace in Kempton Park on Tuesday, Minister Oliphant said that a key to the success of Nedlac has been the advent of social dialogue between society and government.

“Wherever I go outside of our borders, people shower the country with accolades for having an institution like Nedlac,” the minister said.

“I have met many people who ask us for help and guidance on how to set up something like Nedlac in their own countries. Indeed we have every reason to celebrate the nation’s vision and commitment to social dialogue”.

She however warned that social dialogue can be unpredictable and that a balance needs to be obtained in order for it to have a more pronounced effect.

“Social dialogue is not an event, but a process and that sometimes it produces the results we all agree to, and sometime it doesn’t; it is sometimes quick and sometimes it is painstakingly slow.

“We need to sharpen our ability to execute our plans with precision and perhaps, this is where we need to shift our focus. At least 80% of our efforts should to be converted from plans to demonstrable outcomes that should give us the desired impact”.

Minister Oliphant stated that in her view, Nedlac has achieved an impressive track-record of “developing accords and implementing them with some degree of success”, adding that the recent industrial meltdown is not only restricted to South Africa.

“The socio-economic landscape, globally, ferns the flames of tensions. The recent outburst of conflict in the Industrial Relations world of work, should not have visited a country with such a rich history and institutions of social dialogue. This merely demonstrates the dynamic and contested nature of the environment within which Nedlac operates,” she said.

In her closing remarks, the Minister added that despite the challenges faced, she is under no illusion that it could be overcome.

“We may, as leaders have different views on issues, but we only have one South Africa that together we must develop, defend and share peacefully. Yes, there are challenges, but as a collective, we can triumph”.


IMAGE sourced from CityPress