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Missing dad and son found safe in Jeffreys Bay

May 17, 2018
Missing dad and son found safe in Jeffreys Bay

The National Sea Rescue Rescue Institute (NSRI) has urged the public to always have emergency numbers in their phones following an incident in Jeffreys Bay.

According to Ernie Schmidt, NSRI Jeffreys Bay duty controller, at 14h02, on Wednesday, theNSRI St Francis Bay station commander Sara Smith received a call from a Jeffreys Bay member of the public reporting that her son-in-law and grandchild, on holiday from Pretoria, on a beach walk were overdue by two hours at a pre-arranged rendezvous at Checkers beach, Jeffreys Bay.

"NSRI St Francis Bay set up a communications network and NSRI Jeffreys Bay crew were activated to join local Police who were patrolling along the beachfront in a search effort," said Schmidt.

"The 45-year-old man and his three-year-old son had planned to walk along the beach from Supertubes to Checkers beach where they would meet his wife. 

"They started at 11h00 and agreed to meet at 12h00 at Checker's Beach but they had not arrived as scheduled."

He said that a local clinic was also investigated, but no sign of the missing duo had been located and concerns were raised.

"An NSRI Jeffreys Bay quad bike was activated and searched along the beach and at 14h44 the man and his son were located at the Checker's Beach and confirmed that they had simply taken longer than expected not knowing that a search had been launched," Schmidt described. 

"The man's wife was informed and she came to pick them up and NSRI commend the concerns raised and the efforts by the family, Police, NSRI and the community."

Schmidt said in the interest of safety NSRI urge boaters, paddlers, sail boarders and those hiking and walking along beaches and along the coastline to plan ahead, let a responsible person know the time you are leaving, your intended route and your return time. Stick to your plans and let the responsible person know of your safe return or any delay.

"Have emergency numbers programmed into your phone."