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Missing East London policeman's son found in Cofimvaba

Sep 6, 2018
Missing East London policeman's son found in Cofimvaba

Police in East London say that a local policeman's son, whom they were searching for after a thief drove off with his father's car, was found unharmed on Thursday in Cofimvaba - some 173 km away.

On Wednesday, police appealed to the public for assistance with information that can help them in their investigations after the  policeman's vehicle was stolen with his son in the vehicle.

"This morning, a police officer is who was going off duty from his night shift saw a person near the Cofimvaba hospital," described police spokesperson, Captain Mali Govender.

"He stopped his vehicle and noticed that the person resembled Ryan Meyer, who was reported missing.

"He was cold and wet and immediately proceeded to the Cofimvaba hospital where staff on duty attended to him."

She said that the police officer immediately contacted his station commander and informed him of the person that he dropped off at the hospital.

"On arrival at the hospital, the station commander met a very happy Ryan who continued giving hugs," she said.

"The management of the SAPS express their sincere appreciation to the community for their involvement in tracing Ryan."

Police did not confirm if the stolen vehicle was found.

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