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Missing Port Elizabeth mother found after she returned to collect clothes

Oct 10, 2017
Missing Port Elizabeth mother found after she returned to collect clothes

Authorities in Port Elizabeth are expected to announce a way forward on Tuesday after a 31-year-old Port Elizabeth mother, who went missing with her eight-year-old daughter on Thursday night, were found unharmed on Monday evening.

According to police information, on the fateful day, Karla Hazel, left her parent’s home in Dorothy Street, Ferguson, with her daughter, Kayla.

"She visited her sister in Sherwood at about 20:15 that same evening. She then left her sister’s house and went across the street with her daughter to Jade’s Sports Bar," said police spokesperson, Col Priscilla Naidu.

"According to the manager, she used the toilet, had a drink and phoned or received a call from someone by the name of 'Mike' to fetch her.

"She left the bar at about 22:20. Since then there has been no communication between Ms Hazel with any member of the family."

Speaking to RNEWS, Cindy Smit Vermuelen, the wife of the child's father, who posted an urgent appeal on Facebook asking local residents to help find them, said that before being picked up by 'Mike', Karla had phoned her mother to let her know that she was on her way home.

"We have not received contact since," she said. 

Kayla apparently turned 8 on Monday.

According to her parents, Karla is a drug addict and does not always stay at home, hence Kayla was living the grandparents.

There had been rumours that the mystery Mike was an Uber driver - that claim has since been dismissed.

Karla was allegedly confronted by family members when she returned home to collect clothes on Monday evening - and police were immediately called.

After questioning, she took authorities to a Salt Lake house, where Kayla was found.

They had apparently been staying there since the day they went missing.

Kayla was returned to the care of the garndparents as authorities deliberate on a way forward.