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Missionvale bucket toilet deadline missed as NMB remains highest bucket Metro: DA

MAY 5, 2016
Missionvale bucket toilet deadline missed as NMB remains highest bucket Metro: DA

“All Missionvale township residents will be able to flush a working toilet by April,” said Infrastructure and Engineering Head, ANC Councillor Andile Mfunda, on 11 February 2016.

According to the Democratic Alliance (DA), the residents of Missionvale residents in May still live with the indignity of bucket toilets, as another promise is broken.

"Missionvale residents are still forced to use bucket toilets, but now with this toilet promise broken by Jordaan's administration they now face the added risk of falling into deep, open trenches dug out by the municipality for this broken toilet promise," says Athold Trollip, DA leader and the party's candidate for the Nelson Mandela Bay Mayoral Elections.

He said that according to Stats SA, "a tragic truth is that 35% of all bucket toilets in South Africa are still located in Nelson Mandela Bay".

Trollip says Mfunda also said; “I have given strict deadlines, because the issues of Missionvale are long overdue. Our people have suffered enough.”

"But those strict deadlines have come and gone, and still the ANC-perpetuated indignity and suffering persist. At the hands of the ANC, our people are forced to use bucket toilets in perpetuity. The ANC government does not care to rectify the bucket toilet crisis," he adds.

"This adds to the growing list of broken promises under Mayor Jordaan; no delivery of a metro police service, no eradication of bucket toilets, no weekly refuse collection in all wards, no resolution to the Red Location Museum stalemate, and frequent no-shows at important meetings.

"The ANC cannot be trusted to keep promises. Because if President Zuma can get away with 783 criminal counts of corruption and fraud, and with breaking the constitution, then so can ANC mayors."

He said that the DA will call Councillor Mfunda to appear before the Municipal Public Accounts Committee to explain what led to this ongoing crisis and broken promise.

"The DA will also table a motion in council regarding the slow delivery of services in Nelson Mandela Bay."