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Mitsubishi recalls Lancer over faulty airbags

Mitsubishi recalls Lancer over faulty airbags

Japanese auto giant Mitsubishi has issued a recall of 2 354 Lancers sold in South African from 2003-2007, due to concerns over faulty Takata airbag inflators.

The latest recall comes as the beleaguered components maker is facing a lawsuit in the United States over the fitting of faulty devices to an estimated 36-million vehicles, despite being aware of potential cracking in the steel canisters housing the airbag explosives.

A reported eight deaths and more than 100 injuries have so far been linked to exploding Takata airbags across 11 manufactures.

Last year, the company denied claims by the New York Times that it ordered the destroying of test results, carried out in 2004, on 50 recovered unexploded airbags, not long after a ruptured canister send shrapnel at the driver of a then two year old Honda Accord.

The Tokyo based manufacturer, along with its luxury division, Acura, has been hardest hit by the recall with over six-million vehicles from 2001-2011 being affected. Others involved include products from Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, General Motors, BMW, Ford, Mitsubishi and Mazda.