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Mixed Development Mooted for Main Road and 14th Avenue, Walmer

JANUARY 12, 2015
Mixed Development Mooted for Main Road and 14th Avenue, Walmer

An application for the rezoning of a number of erven on the corner of Main Road and 14th Avenue Walmer to allow a mixed development has been submitted and will be considered by the Human Settlements Committee when it meets next week.

The erven are currently zoned Residential 1 and the application is for a rezoning to Business 3 to allow the properties to be used as shops, offices and for residential purposes. The three properties are in the process of being consolidated into a single erf.

The Spatial Planning sub-directorate states in its report to the committee that an onsite inspection “revealed that the proposed rezoning is in accordance with the character of the surrounding area.

It says similar rezonings have been approved.

“The application is in line with the Walmer Local Spatial Development Framework (LSDF) since it is located in an area earmarked for ‘medium intensity mixed use,’ which includes limited retail, offices and medium-density residential”. In addition, it notes, the LSDF also “encourages the consolidation of properties for larger scale developments”.

The Spatial Planning sub-directorate also states that approval of the proposal “is considered desirable and “should have no negative impact on the surrounding area from a Town Planning point of view.

It also points out that the rezoning can be supported “based on precedents already set”.

Spatial Planning has recommended to the Committee that a number of restrictions should be placed on the proposed development, including that a maximum height of eight metres may not be exceeded. In addition, it has made stipulation with, for example, the provision of parking. - MetroMinutes.