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MMC Rosie Floric leads oversight visit to Motherwell taxi rank

By Afikile Lugunya - Oct 4, 2018
MMC Rosie Floric leads oversight visit to Motherwell taxi rank

Motherwell taxi rank drivers in Port Elizabeth had an opportunity to express their views to Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, MMC of Roads and Transport, Rosie Frolic, during an oversight visit on Thursday.

According to Frolic, the purpose of the visit was to conduct verifications following complaints by local residents, during recent Integrated Development Plan (IDP) meetings, and to inspect the projects done by standing committee officials.

The political heads had eights wards to visit.

Cross Road taxi rank is not rosy

The team found clean water gushing out at the Cross Road taxi rank, which is used by hundreds of commuters from Motherwell to the Port Elizabeth.

Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality Executive Director of the Directorate, Dr Walter Shaidi, said that the water has two sources.

“This is under ground water, which flows a certain distance and looks like it’s potable water. It is also mixed with a leaking drain,” he described.

“We are going to clean it out as part of the drought mitigation. We are planning on putting boreholes in all water sources like these after identifying where this water is coming from.

Toilets and fencing at the taxi rank

The delegation also learnt contributing to the challenges at the taxi rank was the fact that the Crossroads taxi rank is not fenced.

UNCEDO taxi association, spokesperson, Kwayiwo Msuthwana, said that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality promised to install gates and a fence around the taxi rank, but the project that started in April 2017 was never finished.

“They promised to fence this whole taxi rank, install gates and then look at the budget this year where they will finish the fencing, but now they are not saying anything about what they promised,” Msuthwana said.

Also in the taxi rank, there are locked toilets that were allegedly built in April 2017 by the municipality for the taxi drivers and passengers to utilize, but even the taxi drivers don’t have access to them.

Instead nearby homes or the veld is used by the taxi drivers and passengers when nature calls.

Msuthwana said that in the toilets, tiles haven’t been installed and a Wendy house is still needed for cleaning utensils and toiletries.

“They never gave us keys for these toilets and still they are not done with what they started here while they promised to use this year’s budget,” he added.

MMC Frolick said that an investigation will be conducted.

“We want the name of this constructor and why this contractor was being paid and yet is still not finished with his work,” she said.

Frolick added that she would speak to officials about the key matter because having a working toilet in taxi rank is very important.

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