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Mom’s Rush – ALL New Toyota Rush Review

By Graeme Lund - Nov 16, 2018
Mom’s Rush – ALL New Toyota Rush Review

What do moms want?

I asked a number of mom’s with school going kids what they look for a car. Space, safety, economy and durability were the most common answers.

Actuality durability is a compact word that encompasses statements like; “I want a car that is easy to keep clean” and “I want a car that can handle hockey sticks, milkshakes and dirty rugby boots”.

Toyota Rush ticks the right boxes

The All New Toyota Rush is a five seater cross-over MPV which lends favourably to the Rush that most mom’s experience on a day to day basis with their kids.

The specifications are fantastic for this entry level vehicle into the SUV market.

The New Rush ensures that the back seats have plenty of leg room for three kids with all their sports paraphernalia will not be uncomfortable.

One feature that I noticed immediately was the abundance of cup holders. Two in each door and three in the centre consol. Hydration before and after a game will not be a problem!

Being a cross over, the vehicle has high ground clearance and getting in and out of the car is easy. Fitting a car seat and your child into it is not backbreaking work.

The boot is huge and can accommodate any size pram as well as kit bags, camping gear and large dogs with ease.

Your family will be well insulated by the six airbags that protect everybody from front and side impacts.

If you have difficulty keeping your attention focused on rush hour traffic and answering questions like, “Mom, why does Jane get to sit in the front and me in the back?” at the same time, never fear. The Toyota Rush makes driving easy thanks to ABS, traction control, stability control, hill assist control and parking sensors.

The Bluetooth infotainment centre means you can connect your cell phone for hands free conversations while dealing with all the crazy driving at the school gate. Satelite Navigation is also standard on the fantastic vehicle

The upholstery and fittings are of high grade cloth, so no stress when the Big Mac gets squished into the seat. Rather they are neat and comfortable and easy to wipe down.

Behind the wheel

Equipped with a 1.5-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 77 kW, and gear ratios configured for stop and go town driving, the Rush is nippy and easy to drive.

The driver’s seat is high, which allows for safe driving and rear mirror viewing of the juvenile passengers.

I found the Rush a pleasure to drive and having a handful of kids myself, I can see that Toyota did all they could to make this a great vehicle for mom’s.

For more information contact Algoa Toyota on 087 350 6305 or pop into their dealership on the corner of Circular Drive and Willow Road.

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