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Momentum Myriad ends 2018 Roadshow in Port Elizabeth

By Jesica Slabbert - Oct 29, 2018
Momentum Myriad ends 2018 Roadshow in Port Elizabeth

Bringing their 2018 Roadshow to a close, the Momentum financial group hosted their last roadshow presentation after touring nine cities in South Africa, at the Boardwalk International Convention Centre (ICC) in Port Elizabeth on Friday.

As part of their national financial adviser roadshow, Momentum Myriad shared tales of their exciting journey of ensuring that clients across the country achieve their desired financial goals and aspirations successfully.

Momentum provides services ranging from Medical Aid, life insurance, car and home insurance, savings and investment advice.

The headliner of the Roadshow was the announcement of their new Momentum Interactive 2.0 programme, which is a voluntary membership and rewards programme for Myriad clients. Members provide additional information, at new business stage and every three years thereafter, on risk rating factors not usually associated with life insurance underwriting.  This additional information provides valuable insight that guides us to assess their insurance risks more accurately.

Momentum Interactive 2.0 is the latest version of the programme, redesigned based on in-depth knowledge gained from analyzing client data gathered over more than 15 years.

According to the Global Financial Planning Survey, where a total of 19,092 adults across 19 global markets were interviewed, only 27% of South Africans strongly agree with the statement that they are knowledgeable about finances and financial matters.

Furthermore, when compared to the 19 other countries; the survey revealed that being debt free is significantly more important to South Africans, with 81% of those surveyed saying that this was very important to them, compared to a much lower global average of 26%.

Taking everything into consideration; the economic realities of the South African consumers, we have started on a journey to redefine the value that IFAs can unlock from our offering. We understand that we must truly meet the needs of their clients. It is a partnership and consultative approach, and we invite all advisers to engage with us on this process of redefining our offering,” said Etienne Gouws, CEO of Momentum Intermediary Solutions.

The Road show ended on a high note, with many in attendance impressed by momentums new programme and that they have promised to improve their interaction with clients and speed up their services.

For more information on momentum and the services they can offer, visit them at www.momentum.co.za.  

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